Photography has always been a passion of mine; mainly based around the natural world and the beauty that lies within. Based in Surrey in the UK, it is not the best place for natural photography or exotic scenes – this is why, once a year, my travels take me to far corners of the globe to capture hidden gems and wildlife wonders which fuel my passion and feed my imagination.

I am striving to show that through perseverance and self-teaching, one can truly reach the top, with an open mind and a vivid imagination, the sky is the limit. Working with other people is something that I love doing; seeing their pleased faces once I have completed their works pleases me. Once learning this, I am now delving deeper into the portrait sector, and look into working with families and expanding to weddings and functions.

When working on portraits, I am not one to stay indoors and shoot headshots in a studio environment, however, I always take the client outdoors, which combines my passion for nature, and my want to broaden my horizons within the photography industry, resulting in works which capture both the beauty of nature as well as the client within.

Another passion of mine, which dives deeper into the natural world, is photographing reptiles, insects and all sorts in the wild, most importantly, in their natural habitat. It’s the adrenaline and excitement that gets me which can’t be found when doing the same job indoors or in a controlled environment – I love the rush of the moment!

Please enjoy looking through my gallery, and if there’s anything you’d like more information on, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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